San Antonio Zoo Brings Annual Dream Night to Pediatric Patients in San Antonio

by San Antonio MomsJul 8, 2022

Dream Night Logo
Dream Night Logo

San Antonio Zoo brought Dream Night, a special evening full of memorable zoo animals and activities, to the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. The virtual field trip gave children who are not currently able to visit the zoo a behind-the-scenes look with fun facts and laughs all along the way. 

“Before the pandemic, we had the privilege of hosting this incredible experience, free of large crowds for these children and their families to enjoy and create lifelong memories,” said Tim Morrow, President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “While we miss seeing the wonder and excitement in-person, we were happy to bring our love for animals and the places they live directly to these children and their families at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.”

The virtual field trip took families on a wild adventure through the zoo, showcasing the scaley, furry, and feathery residents of San Antonio Zoo. The cute and sometimes hilarious moments gave viewers an up-close look at the diets, enrichments, personalities, and animal care teams that care for these animals. 

Dream Night at San Antonio Zoo started in 2017 for children who could not be exposed to large crowds due to a weakened immune system or needing care that limits their ability to leave home. The after-hours event featured free admission, quiet zones, animal interactions, and activities that provided a stress-free environment where they could be together and have fun as a family.

Dream Night originated in the Netherlands at the Rotterdam Zoo in 1996. Each zoo that hosts the event treats guests as VIPs providing a warm reception with fun activities, opportunities, and resources throughout the evening. 

San Antonio Zoo is proud to be part of this time-honored tradition and extends a cooperation invitation to all area pediatric hospitals for future Dream Night events. Interested health professionals can contact Kevin Sugrue, San Antonio Zoo Director of Corporate Partnerships,


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